The mission of Spread Goodness® is to uplift the vibration of the planet through acts of human kindness and generosity of spirit.

Become a Partner


What’s the cost to participate?

Because we are starting off by mainly targeting schools, nonprofits and small business entrepreneurs, we are committed to keeping the entry point to participate as a co—branding partner low barrier, while also building a sustainable model. 

The cost to participate in the Spread Goodness® Challenge is FREE if a Spread Goodness® card finds you! If you would like to plant a seed of goodness, each “origin card” is $1.

What is an Origin Card?

Each origin card includes a unique tracking code and simple steps to inspire more goodness in the world.

The front of an original Spread Goodness® origin card looks like this:


The back of the card will be revealed during our worldwide launch in September, 2019.

What if I want to co-brand with Spread Goodness®?

If you would like to Spread Goodness® AND raise awareness around your mission and goals, AND the mission of your organization aligns with the mission of Spread Goodness®, you can apply* to be a co-branding partner.

As a co-branding partner, you will be able to purchase Spread Goodness® cards that represent YOUR organization’s branding in the following ways:

  1. Design: Our graphic design team will take your logo and and other branding guidelines you provide to design a uniquely branded card that represents both The Spread Goodness® Challenge and your organization. (Examples are available on our home page)

  2. Sponsor Recognition: Your cards will identify your organization as the sponsor.

  3. Customized Landing Page: Your cards will also have a unique code that directly links to your organization’s Spread Goodness® landing page.

  4. Spread Goodness® Badge: We will provide you with a virtual badge that you can put on your website and other promotional materials to broadcast that you are a proud sponsor of the Spread Goodness® Challenge.

Landing Page? What does that mean?

Well, our belief at Spread Goodness® is that people, organizations and communities around the world are ALREADY spreading heaps of goodness and we feel it’s time that everyone knows about it! So each co-branding partner of ours will receive their very own customized landing page directly linked to their cards’ codes. This way, those who participate in the Spread Goodness® Challenge, will have the opportunity to learn more about YOU! Click here to view a SAMPLE Landing Page.

Each customized landing page shares 3 things: 

  1. How your organization spread goodness through the work you do.

  2. How your mission aligns with the mission of Spread Goodness® and what compelled you to become a co-branding partner.

  3. We’ll add up to 3 links to your website and/or social media channels so people who land on your page can learn more about your organization, hopefully extending YOUR audience reach, amplifying your voice, and multiply your “goodness” efforts!

So cool! Is there an added fee to become a co-branding partner?

Yes! We charge a branding fee of $250 to customize your cards and build your landing page. Again, low barrier so we can be a meaningful and realistic platform for schools, non-profits, and small business entrepreneurs.

SPECIAL: For our first 100 partners

Between now and our September launch date, we are waiving this branding fee for a minimum order of 250 cards for our first 100 co-branding partners! (GOING FAST!) So you’re only paying for the cards and getting all your customized branding for free. We are doing this for a couple reasons: #1 we want to get as many cards out into the world by our September launch date as possible and what better way to incentivize then lower the cost? #2 Once we launch, we expect to see interest in becoming a co-branding parter to increase significantly. At that point, the added cost will be necessary to keep up with supplying proportionately and timely to the demand.

What if I’m not a school, non-profit, or small business entrepreneur but LOVE what you are doing and want to be a part of it?

Well, that depends…. are you an individual or corporation? 

If you are an individual, you can purchase as many original or sponsored Spread Goodness® origin cards as you’d like! During our next phase, you will have the option of designing your own!

If you are a large corporation, you can apply* to be a Spread Goodness® sponsor! A Spread Goodness® sponsor can do one or both of the following:  

  1. Customize your company’s own cards or packaging with the Spread Goodness® Challenge.**  

  2. You also have the option to sponsor a nonprofit, school or University to be a Spread Goodness® partner. This means that cards will be customized according to the school or nonprofit and you will be acknowledged as their corporate sponsor. You will receive an online badge you can add to your company’s website and you will receive recognition on their Spread Goodness® landing page. 

*In order to maintain the integrity of our brand, we require an application and vetting process to ensure that this platform is the right fit for your organization.

**Minimum order may be required