The mission of Spread Goodness® is to uplift the vibration of the planet through acts of human kindness and generosity of spirit.

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— Our mission is to uplift the vibration of the planet through acts of human kindness and generosity of spirit.

What is Spread Goodness®?  

Spread Goodness® is an online social networking platform for Good.  Various worldwide campaigns will fall under this umbrella mission, the first being The Spread Goodness® Challenge set to launch in September, 2019. 



Why Spread Goodness®? 

If energy flows where attention goes, then we have the power to literally shift the vibration of our planet by focusing more of our attention on what we want to see in our world, rather than what we don’t want. 

We are inundated, through various forms of media and messaging on a daily basis, with all the negative going on in our world. Isn’t it time that we tipped the scales in a more positive direction by shining a light on all the good that surrounds us?



What is the Spread Goodness Challenge®? 

The Spread Goodness Challenge® is a viral campaign set to launch in September 2019. Through numerous co-branding partnerships, a simple yet profound “pay it forward” prompt will start popping up in communities all around the world! Find the prompt, take action, and see the ripple effect of your impact. 



Co-Branding Partners

We are seeking co-branding partners whose mission aligns with the mission of Spread Goodness®. In doing so, we expand the reach of the Spread Goodness® Challenge AND amplify what our partners are doing to spread goodness through their individual schools, nonprofits, businesses, and communities.   

 Are you or your organization being called to Spread Goodness®? If so, click below to request more information about becoming a Co-Branding Partner.

Below are just some of our current co-branding partners:



More about Spread Goodness®… 

The Spread Goodness® Team 

  •  Lisa Lang, Founder

  •  Aaron Jesser, Chief Technology Officer

We are looking to expand our team as we continue to grow. We are currently seeking volunteers in the following roles: 

  •  Campus and Community Ambassadors

  • Social Media Content Creators

  • Online Community Manager